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There is a new concept in Synesty called workspace. The Developer-Accounts use Workspaces as a basis to build Add-Ons and Steps. An Add-On is represented by a Workspace basically. 
A workspace is the top-most layer and level container which contains:

  • your developed steps
  • Accounts
  • Projects
  • Flows
  • Datastores
  • Schemas
  • Mappingsets

Before workspaces were introduced, these things were located in the Customer acccount.

titleA workspace per Add-On

If you want to develop a new functionality, you need to create a new Workspace. This workspace can than be published as an Add-On which has the same name as the workspace.  


titleSteps are Flows

The most important thing to know is, that the step you are creating is a Flow under the hood.

You don't need a programming language to create new Steps. We have made it possible that you can just use your existing knowledge of building Flows, to build steps.

Give your Step a globally unique name e.g. [NameOfMyAddOn]-[NameOfStep]

You have created your first step.


  • optionality (controls wether the variable is required or optional)
  • visibility (controls wether the variable can be see from calling flows e.g. PUBLIC vs. PRIVATE)


optional field (default)
  • the variable does not need to be filled by the caller.
  • if a default value is specified it will be used if the caller does not specify a value
required field
  • the variable needs to be filled by the caller
  • if the caller does not specify the variable the flow will throw an error indicating the this required field is not populated


PUBLIC (default)
  • the flow variable can be seen from calling flows
  • this variable is only visible for the Flow/Step itself
  • the caller does not see this variable
  • you can use it like private variables in a programming language
    • e.g. if you need a variable which you use in many steps of your flow, but you don't want
      others to override it

Sync Flow and Step and check what we just did