shopifyAddVariantToProduct Step

This is the actual step which will be published in your Add-On. Typically it will consist of Flow-Variables, steps for the execution logic and Output-Variables. The corresponding Test-Flow TestFlow-shopifyAddVariantToProduct will then use this step and see the input and outputs.


Das sind die Optionen, mit denen man den Step konfigurieren kann.

Name Datentyp Beschreibung Pflichtfeld Werte
account ACCOUNT shopify account data Ja
limit STRING Limits the number of rows used from the input SPREADSHEET. Use low values for testing. If limit is empty, all lines are processed. Nein
input SPREADSHEET Spreadsheet of variants to be proceeded Nein
mappingdefinition STRING The mapping definition JSON String Nein
Folgende Felder sind zu konfigurieren:

Feld Datentyp Beschreibung Pflichtfeld Standardwert
product_idSINGLEThe unique numeric identifier for the product.Ja
titleSINGLEThe title of the product variant.Ja
skuSINGLEA unique identifier for the product variant in the shop. Required in order to connect to a FulfillmentService.Ja
barcodeSINGLEThe barcode, UPC, or ISBN number for the product.Nein
priceSINGLEThe price of the product variant.Ja
compare_at_priceSINGLEThe original price of the item before an adjustment or a sale.Nein
option1_valueSINGLEThe custom properties that a shop owner uses to define product variants. For example: red when your option1 is something like ColorJa
option2_valueSINGLEThe custom properties that a shop owner uses to define product variants. For example: XL when your option2 is something like SizeNein
option3_valueSINGLEThe custom properties that a shop owner uses to define product variants. For example: cotton when your option3 is something like materialNein
gramsSINGLEThe weight of the product variant in grams.Nein
weightSINGLEThe weight of the product variant in the unit system specified with weight_unit.Nein
weight_unitSINGLEThe unit of measurement that applies to the product variant's weight. If you don't specify a value for weight_unit, then the shop's default unit of measurement is applied. Valid values: g, kg, oz, and lb.Nein
inventory_managementSINGLEThe fulfillment service that tracks the number of items in stock for the product variant.Nein
inventory_policySINGLEWhether customers are allowed to place an order for the product variant when it's out of stock.Neindeny
requires_shippingSINGLEWhether a customer needs to provide a shipping address when placing an order containing the inventory item.Neintrue
image_idSINGLEThe unique numeric identifier for a product's image. The image must be associated to the same product as the variant.Nein
taxableSINGLEWhether a tax is charged when the product variant is sold.Neintrue
tax_codeSINGLEThis parameter applies only to the stores that have the Avalara AvaTax app installed. Specifies the Avalara tax code for the product variant.Nein


Das sind die Ergebnisse des Steps, die von nachfolgenden Steps, nach der Ausführung verwendet werden können.

Name Datentyp Beschreibung Pflichtfeld Werte
successfullyCreatedVaraints SPREADSHEET Ja
failedItems SPREADSHEET Ja
invalidItems SPREADSHEET Ja
Folgende Felder sind im Output enthalten:

Feld Datentyp Beschreibung Pflichtfeld Standardwert